The Musicians Union

If you are freelance like me, and even if you are not, then you should be a member of this union. It has everything from contract advice to contract lawyers; in-service training to help you with your career; advice and training for music teachers; free instrument insurance, free public liability insurance, and a whole host of other benefits, too many to mention here. Check out the website!

Phil Portus

All the photos on the opening pages are by Phil Portus. He is a jazz fan and keyboard player, and a great photographer. If you live around Manchester and go to jazz gigs you will have seen him taking photos. He does commissions too, so if you ever need a photographer I can recommend his work.

John Dyson

Husband and lifetime musical partner. His website has more information about us, and more of our music to listen to!

Inside Outside

This is our duo website. It has more information about what we do, and some of our duo and band gigs.